The upstairs of the hall includes 1000 sqft of hardwood flooring, a stage area and washrooms. The rental includes 158 chairs and 20 rectangle tables. There is a small kitchen area with some counter space, refrigerator, coffee machine and two wash-up sinks.


This space is ideal for events that require a classy space with a stage for performances and minimal kitchen requirements. 

The lower level of the hall has a large kitchen with two stove/ovens, a refrigerator, small deep freeze, plenty of counter space along with four wash-up sinks. There is also 800 sqft open to use as you need.


This space is ideal for large cooking activities, informal luncheons or gatherings.

This rental would include the entire community hall space; the upstairs area as well as the downstairs and kitchen area.

This rental space is idea for hosting large events where the cooking is being prepared onsite.

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